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The Bud Evans DB Sports U18 League, Sheffield & Hallamshire County FA and The Meadowhall Sunday League have sent invites to clubs who are highlighted as having a number of players who will be ineligible to play U18 Football but who will be eligible to play in the U21's or Adult football next season to attend a transition meeting on 18th January 2017 at The Source Skills Academy, Meadowhall Way, Sheffield, S9 1EA.  The meeting will start at 7pm and will be focused around the transition from U18’s football to U21’s or Adult football. 

It has long been acknowledged that moving young people from a youth environment to an adult competition is a challenge for all sport. In football the need for transitional support is underlined by the fact that young people’s participation in football halves from 52% of the population in the 13–15 age range to 26% when they are 17–18.

The challenge for football is that although some of this drop off is for very plausible’ life’ reasons – starting work, university, socialising and end of parental support – we need to find ways to ensure a greater proportion of these young people can be retained in the game meaning adult football would be in a much healthier state. The FA have surveyed over 120 Leagues that are currently providing U18 or U21 divisions for their experiences and in order to help identify a body of good practice that might convince other youth or adult leagues to review how they look to keep players over the age of 16 playing into their adult years.

To discuss the above in more detail, and to make you aware of the options open to players, we would like to take this opportunity to invite a maximum of 3 people from your club (ideally manager, secretary and a player) to attend the meeting. If you can confirm you have received this email and that someone from your club will or will not be attending the meeting by the 13th January 2017 that would be appreciated.

Kind regards 

Mark Wozniak

Football Development Officer

Sheffield & Hallamshire County FA


Martin Gilmour


Meadowhall Sunday League


Denise Hicks

League Secretary

Bud Evans U18 League

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